Three fruits which help in reducing unwanted fat of our body.

[ By Prabhakar kumar — ]

                                                 Due  to  changed life style , our  body  today  is  getting  extra or  unwanted  body  gain  .   This body  gain  creates  lots  of problem  for  us . First of  all , it  looks very  bad  and    it  is  also  disease prone .  It   helps  in increasing  blood  pressure , diabetes  and  heart   problems .  In  advanced age  ,it  becomes  more  troublesome . So it  is  very easy to  gain  weight .  But many  people know  that  reducing  weight  is  not  easy .

                                      In common  ways , diet and  exercise  are  two  important  ways  to  reduce  weight only if  your diet  is  fast .

                                        Nutritionists  says  that those  who  realize  their  over weight   and   eager  to  reduce  this ,  must prefer to  eat a lot of  fruits .  These  fruits are  following –

  [1] Apple :- Apples are  rich  in nutrients and help with weight  loss .  Apple is  known  as  disease  resistant .  It  also contains  fiber , flavonoids , and beta – carotene . Eating apples  can  make  your stomach  feel full . Eating two  apples a  day helps to   eliminate  unwanted    fat. Image result for images of apples   [2] Pineapple :-  Pineapple  is  another  fruit  that  helps in weight  loss .   Fiber is  one  of  the  ingredient of  pineapple  and   fiber is  not  only  good  for  weight loss  but also for  the  prevention of  digestive problems . Bromelain  is an enzyme  responsible  for  most  of  the  benefits of pineapple  . Bromelain helps  break down protein and  digest it .

Image result for images of pineapple

[3]  Watermelon :-  watermelon  helps the  body to  cool and  thrist .  Citrullin  , an amino acid in watermelon  , has  the  ability   to expand blood  vessels and transmit  more  blood .  Watermelon   is  rich in vitamin B1 , potassium , magnesium and calcium .   94% of watermelon  is  hydrated . Watermelon juice can  be  eaten with or  without  juice to  get  rid of  body fat .  Image result for images of watermelon

                                      These  fruits  play  very  important role  in  decreasing  extra  fat  from our  body , but these  fruits could  not  do  every thing  for  decreasing extra fats . With these , you have to follow   exercise  and  diet menu to  control extra  fat . So follow routine life   strictly  for  remaining fit and slim in your life . —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- The End . ——————————————————–

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